Job and Internship Applications

Job Applications, and can be visited to see the job advertisements for vacant positions at Erdemir.

Considerations before completing a job application form

  • This form will only be evaluated if filled in by a person who has completed secondary or equivalent education.
  • Completion of this form does not mean that your application will be accepted.
  • Completion of this form results in no commitment on the part of our company.
  • The job application you will make is a general application, and will be evaluated if a vacancy arises for which your qualifications are suitable.
  • Your job application will automatically be removed from the system 3 years after the application date.
  • The company will keep all of your information confidential at all times.

I Accept the Conditions Above

Summer Apprenticeship Applications

The reference period is between 1 Februrary 2016- 31 March 2016

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